Flipit | Récompenses En Argent

What is Flipit?

Flipit is a mobile game where you earn money based on your everyday purchases.

Is Flipit free?

Yes, Flipit is totally free. Download it now and start earning!

What do I need to start earning?

You will need a credit card by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express that you'll link to your flipit account. Once done, we'll be able to give you your rewards based on your purchases.

How much will I earn?

There is two way to earn money in Flipit:

1) You will earn 1$ cashback every time you process a transaction over 15$ in a participating merchant with the card you linked to your account

2) Another way to make money with Flipit is through Merchant Cards. With them, you can earn hundreds of dollars each month.

What is Merchant Cards?

Merchant Cards are a virtual gaming card that you can win if you are in the 50 loyal customers of a store. Once you own one, you'll make 0,05$ on EVERY other players' transactions for a month (e.g. 500 transactions done at a location by other players gives you25$).

How do you track where I shop?

We have a special partnership with Visa and Mastercard and Fidel. When you linked your card in the Flipit app, they will provide us real-time data about the transactions you process in our participating merchants. We don't get any other informations.

Is that safe?

Yes, it is. We partnered with Fidel, a worldwide renowned cardlink provider, because of their high standards concerning customer data security. See Fidel.uk for more information.