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Stop paying advertising for no results

Attracting new customers has never been easier with our reward game Flipit

Bring new
customers in

Bring new potential customers. Our users chase rewards on a daily basis in restaurants, boutiques, online stores ans more


At Flipit, we only charge you based on the transactions we bring to your business. No customers? No charge. You literally have nothing to lose

Increase recurring business

We increase in-game rewards for your local customers. We even make your most loyal client an ambassador of your brand, inciting his network to do business with you.

How it works

Create your businss account

Setup your account in less than 5 minutes. It could take 5-15 business days before you appear on the Flipit map.

We bring customers to your businesss

Our game incite the players to do business with you on a recurring basis. The more they are loyal to your store, the more we reward them, without extra fee to you.

Nothing to scan, no install needed

You don’t need any hardware in your business. We are tracking our user expenses with banking systems, so when they are processing a transaction in your business, we get notified.


0$ Setup fee, 0$ Monthly fee


0$ to 4,99$ transactions = 0,25$ fee
5$ to 14,99$ transactions = 0,57$ fee
15$ and more transactions = 1,54$ fee

Billing example:

3,92$ coffee = 0,25$ fee
12,60$ meal plate = 0,57$ fee
24,86$ meal plate = 1,54$ fee

Your billing cycle is automatically set to weekly preauthorized payments. As said, we only charge you the 15$+ transactions we bring to your store. No results, no charge!

Is Flipit worth it for your business?

Business Calculator
How many transactions do you process wach year?
What is your average transaction amount?
Approximate sales per year 0 $
How much do you spend per year in Marketing?
This includes all you advertising and lost revenues due to discounting (eg. 50% off Groupon rebates)
How many of your transactions would you have lost without Marketing spent?
At this moment, you spend $ per transaction
With Flipit, you'll only spend 1,54$ per transaction

No Marketing money?
No problem!

At Flipit, we only charge money if we bring money